Lifestyle Coaching with Tiffany Smith

Soul Healing and Empowerment Coaching

If you want to feel confident inside and out, to get after life the way you’ve always dreamed, to bust through your fears and live life to its fullest and truly feel your best and live your passion then I’m the coach for you! 

I am here to help anyone who struggles with self doubt, depression, anxiety, health issues, confidence, feeling scared to take the next step, feeling lost, and like you can’t break through. 

What makes me different? 

My realness, my honesty, my journey. I’ve gone through it all (read my about me), I’ve been depressed, suicidal, stuck, I’ve struggled with my thyroid, weight, not feeling “good enough”. I’ve been afraid to take that next step with life or I once thought I had to wait for someone to do everything with. 

If you’re READY to leave all of that behind I’m here for you.

I am here to show you that you can go through the worst pain and it can lead you to your greatest purpose, to getting after and loving your life, to being proud of YOU and feeling your best! If I can come out the other side, so can you! 

Are you ready?

All I need from you is a commitment to yourself. A commitment to show up for yourself. A commitment to a lifestyle change (step by step) but there’s no quick fix, Take a moment and decide you are ready to put in the work for yourself and for your goals and dreams. 

All options also include any health/ fitness help and questions as well.

Option 1:
One Session Power Hour Soul Healing and Empowerment Coaching private one-on-one 1 hour session (zoom, Skype, or phone) with me to bust through your blocks. We will figure out whats holding you back and come up with an action plan you can start implementing right away! With my strong intuitive guidance I will connect you to your true self so that you can believe and trust yourself. This session will help get you organized, clear, and excited to make changes and get after your life! 

  • 1 hr session with Tiffany
  • One week of direct text or email access for coaching follow up and support
  • Helpful resources (sent after session)

Investment: $250

Option 2:
3 Month Soul Healing and Empowerment Coaching 

  • 3 months direct text/ email access to me
  • Bi – Weekly 1 hour sessions with me
  • Complimentary helpful resources sent to you throughout the 3 months 

Investment: $850 

Option 3:
3 month Group Soul Healing and Empowerment Coaching 

Online Training

Online Training

Online Personal Training

Online Training

  • LIVE Zoom Workouts
  • Recorded Video Workouts