Your Depression and Anxiety could be caused by Inflammation

What if I told you depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, sleep disorders, and loss of memory is mainly caused from the inflammation in your body?

What I’m talking about is depression and anxiety that you can’t figure out. A specific event hasn’t happened, you feel like you should be happy with your life, but yet you can’t figure out why depression and anxiety has taken over.

I was there for years. I felt this blockage that I couldn’t break through. I felt like my brain was covered in fog and I had the worst lack of motivation. I felt like I should feel happy because my life wasn’t horrible (I was living on Kauai and Costa Rica of all places) yet I felt so depressed and like my body wanted to stay in it. I started getting anxiety to the point of not being able to leave the house. I felt trapped in my own mind. I kept blaming it on my thyroid yet everything I was doing for my thyroid wasn’t helping.

Then I finally went to a neurologist and he told me that my CRP level was extremely high and that meant I had high inflammation. Testing your CRP is a blood measure of inflammation.

Studies show that Decision making process is influenced by even just having a little bit of inflammation in the body. This could be the decision of wanting to go to the gym compared to sitting on the couch and having no motivation.

Data shows people with high Inflammation are more likely linked to anxiety, depression, feeling angry high inflammation is also linked to bipolar, anxiety disorder, personality disorders, and schizophrenia.

When you have high inflammation your body wants to shut down, shut down energy, your body wants to be on high alert (hello anxiety), your immune system wants to shut down as well.

During recent studies when individuals lowered their inflammation, their anxiety and depression levels dropped and the individuals felt like new people in their psychological well being and their mental health.

Focusing on my bodies inflammation has changed my life beyond the physical weight is added to my body but it’s changed my mental state completely.

You can work on your inflammation by

  • what you eat/ your diet 
  • ketosis / eliminating sugar/ carbs
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Healing the gut 
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