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Beyond Fitness – Packages 


Helping you breakthrough on an emotional level to find that balance and mental and emotional strength you crave. 


Beyond Fitness is my signature coaching program where we look beyond your fitness goals. 

We look under the hood at what’s driving you. We’ll take you beyond workout fit – let’s talk soul fit. 






Sound good?

Maybe you feel insecure.

Maybe you’ve struggled with health issues or just self-confidence in general.

Maybe now you’re ready to step further, to connect the healing medicine of movement with a healthy mindset as well as healing from trauma and depression. 


That’s where I come in, bae.

Let’s talk Beyond Fitness, the coaching edit.


My program will:


✊ help you nurture confidence and develop healthy habits

✊ overcome negative thought patterns to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy mind

✊ help you find meaning and purpose from the soul up through the body

✊ help you quantify your dreams and set goals to achieve them




This is a brand new coaching program where I take my years of personal training and fitness coaching and love of working out and I apply it holistically to cultivate a healthy, vibrant life. 

Ready to blast through and make that foundational change? 

If you want to feel confident inside and out, to get after life the way you’ve always dreamed, to bust through your fears and live life to its fullest and truly feel your best and live your passion, then trust that I’m the coach for you.


Discover your inner light and learn to listen. Be guided by it. That’s what I’ll help you to do. 


Challenge yourself to grow, more than you’ve ever been challenged before – so much more than the fiercest shreddiest shred you’ve ever done. 


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Lifestyle Coaching with Tiffany Smith

Why Do I Need This Journey?


This path is a logical next step from working on your physical fitness. 

Sometimes we work out to perfect our outer body – but we are still hiding what’s deep within.

And there’s only so much hiding the human soul can tolerate before it breaks down in serious pain. 

This is what got me into fitness in the first place, and it’s what’s taken me beyond fitness to here. 

I am here to help anyone who struggles with self-doubt, depression, anxiety, health issues, confidence, feeling scared to take the next step, feeling lost, and like you can’t break through. 



So, what makes me different? 


About Tiffany Smith



☛ My realness

My honesty

My journey. 



I’ve been there, lovely. I really have. I’ve gone through it all.


I’ve been depressed, suicidal, stuck. 

I’ve struggled with my thyroid, weight, with not feeling “good enough”. 

Afraid to take that next step with life. 

Afraid to go out there into the world on my own.


But you know what I’ve learned?

That next step is the one that gets you where you want to be.


Sometimes we have to burn through that fire to find the spark that lights up our soul. 


If you’re READY to take that step, I’m here for you.

I am here to walk beside you in your journey, body, mind and soul.  


Tiffany Leah-Kauai Personal Trainer Portrait


Sometimes the worst pain is what leads you to your greatest purpose, to getting after and loving your life unapologetically, to being proud of your authentic YOUness and living your very vibrant best.

This is the work you need to do to tune up and align your inner self to match that gorgeous outer self. 

And if I can come out the other side shining, so can you! 


Are you ready?


Well, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t, amiright?

Let me guess.

You’re thinking ? I’m. so. ready. 


So let’s go!



  Online Packages Tailored To You



Option 1: One Session Beyond Fitness Empowerment  Power Hour 


This is a private one-on-one 1 hour session (zoom, Skype, or phone) with me to bust through your blocks. We will identify what’s holding you back whether that’s a physical goal or a lifestyle goal, and we’ll come up with an action plan you can start implementing right away. 

With my strong intuitive guidance, I will connect you to your true self so that you can believe and trust yourself. This deep dive session will help get you organized, clear, and excited to make changes and get after your life.

Includes Action Plan and Workbook 

Investment: $250


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Option 2:  3 Month Beyond Fitness Empowerment Coaching 


Here’s the transformation, baby. We’ll have twice-monthly calls via Zoom or Skype for three months, and we’ll take them at your pace. 

We’ll start off with a lifestyle assessment, a benchmark for where you’re currently at. 

We’ll set some goals, and each week we’ll meet and check-in about what’s working, what’s shifting, and what we can re-frame. Wherever you’re feeling blocked or stuck, we will look at that.

This is a journey of inquiry, discovery, and empowerment. 

This is some serious accountability for the chick who wants to make some serious tune-ups to her life. 

Investment: $1250 


….. Is this for you? 

Meet me here for a coffee first and let’s find out.



Option 3: 3 Month Beyond Fitness Group Coaching


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When we get started, I’ll be leading you through some killer modules on how to get that life you’re dreaming on.

The group program is for motivated people who are looking for change, and want to go on that journey together. It’s for rockstars who are willing to do the work, and willing to find out what their highest potential could be.

Together, let’s set goals. Together, we can share the struggles, and together we will celebrate the wins.

Over the 12 weeks, the modules will be tailored to the group, but we will be working to a concept for each module.

  • Module 1: Ikigai & Connecting to the Vision
  • Module 2: Creating the Container
  • Module 3: Blocks & Barriers
  • Module 4: The Smash Through Method 
  • Module 5: Creating the Action Plan
  • Module 6: Moving On With Accountability – How to Get Things Done 

Plus – bonus training, workbooks, homework and option to book 1:1 booster session

Sound like what you need?

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Not sure which is for you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these programs for?


My programs are especially for those who love to keep fit, but have been struggling with self-love, anxiety, or setting healthy habits, routines and boundaries. It’s for those people who want to take their fitness goals up a notch, and are looking at how to dial up their empowerment and rock at life. 


Yeah. I’m looking at you, love. 


These programs are for you if… 


  • You go at it hard, but you’d love more ease and flow in your life, 
  • You love to workout but want just that little bit more support on your lifestyle goals
  • You are toned, tight and fierce, but just want to feel that on the inside as well as the outside 
  • You just need a bit of accountability for your goals
  • You’re craving dedicated you time to focus on where you’re going with life
  • You’ve lost your way a little bit, and want to get back on track.


It’s like personal training – but for your mind, your soul and your life – not just your body!


If you’re ready for that journey to star of your own life, I’m here to support you.


But firstly, you need to make that commitment to yourself. 


A commitment to show up for yourself. 

A commitment to a lifestyle change.


This isn’t a quick fix, or an overnight success story. It takes work. 


Take this moment and decide you are ready to put in the work for yourself. For your goals and dreams. 


And just so you know, all options also include bonus health and fitness support, resources and Q&A as well.


Ready? Still got questions?


Book a call with me.


Let’s chat through your goals, fitness and beyond.


Love, Tiff ?