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finding your tribe for life!

growing, evolving, and 

your sacred space for learning

High Vibe sisterhood club

Each week we hold workshops and get wisdom from our High Vibe teachers and fellow sisters. Each month we also set goals/ intentions and have a space to authentically be YOU!

Have you felt too weird? Awkward? Like no matter what it feels like women don’t want to be close with you, include you, hype you up?

Because I have felt all the above and thats why I started the high vibe sisterhood club to create a new community full of empowerment, authenticity, and self growth on every level together.

Have you craved a female friend group but never felt like you belonged or have felt like your too different?

Let us step into the best versions of ourselves TOGETHER in 2022?

Are you ready?
 high vibe sisterhood is calling your name  



Plant Medicine
Gut Brain Inflammation Healing 

Limiting Beliefs 
Money Mindset 
Inner Healing

Healing Somatic Movement

Your purpose 

Sex and Conscious Relationships 

Manifesting your Desires 

some topics we will cover...

and so much more! Possibilites are endless!

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For $35.55 a month that equals to about $1 a day, for a monthly membership for your soul
not everyone can drop thousands on high ticket coaching programs, 1-1 coaching, masterminds, retreats, seminars. I myself have been there and created this to help everyone! I know your are worth investing in and choosing YOU!

Weekly Workshops from knowledgable experts each month, think more intimate TED talks each week  (Value: 1000 usd) 

A  Group call every every month with just me and your sisters  to talk ALL things mindset, healing, self growth, wellness, etc (Value: 200 usd)

Complete access to our chat to speak with your HVS sisters and  about anything (Value: priceless)

UNLIMITED ACCESS to your membership portal with ALL the videos to watch ANYTIME Your personal Self Growth Netflix to watch anytime you want to learn or boost your mood (Value: 200 usd )

What you get with your hvs membership?

- Donna E 2021

"This entire process has been such a healthy and positive reminder of mindfulness, self-peace, self worth, and the power of friendship. Thank you! "

"Today was a great day! The group session was amazing! It also reminded me of the power of sisterhood!"

- Paige J 2021

"I am more mindful of things that go in to my body, how i feel, what I need, I feel more in tune with what I think about how to get there. I thoroughly love the classes and wish I could meet all the ladies in person!"

"I am finding that i have a new inner peace and connectedness with my soul"

- Jamie I 2021

"Though it was uncomfortable and unfamiliar for me, the support of Tiffany and the other women helped me to feel so strong.I have learned so much about myself through this process and am so grateful'

"I've never been so in touch with myself!"

what our sisters have to say about hvs

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I'm ready to JOIN MY SOUL TRIBE!

CONNECTION to a community of like minded women who are on a similar path as you going toward self growth 


Weekly Workshops from industry experts  where we will learn how to up level in every area of our lives


Monthly Intention + Goal setting + Sisterhood Chats


 is to connect women all over the world and provide a space for us to grow, learn, and step into our highest selves together

The high vibe mission

You crave community of likeminded women. YOu have been searching for a global tribe who supports your growth 

You have felt lonely on your healing journey, hard to connect to likeminded women or you feel judged and not seen or heard on your journey 

You are ready to GROW through things that make you un comfortable to get to where you know you belong- where the MAGIC happens.

You are ready for a change and you are wanting to learn and evolve in every area of your life.

who is this for?

Do you issue refunds?

All sales are final and refunds will not be issued. We're confident that the community and content are that mind expanding, heart opening, and soul nourishing though, that you really won't want to leave but even if you cancel, you will notice a change within!

Will I be able to meet the women offline?

Yes you can connect and get together and my goal is to turn this into retreats and in person workshops where we can all meet in person and create something epic!

how long do I have access to the videos for?

You have access forever as long as your a member!

What happens if the calls don't align with my schedule?

I am trying my best to always pick times/ days majority can attend but If you miss a call, the replay will be uploaded the next day and you'll be able to access and watch whenever you want! You can always send in questions you want answered as well!

Can I leave at any time?

Yes you can cancel at any time and your payment will end at the end of the month. 

how long will the founding member price be this low?

Probably just for the first month and then I will increase it as it's such an amazing deal and I want the founding members to have a great price!

Common Qs and As:

hey girl, i have a question...

I am a Pisces sun Cancer rising/moon / INFP-T who loves adventure and being outside. I love connecting with people from all over and I have a deep love for learning. 
I am a person who has constantly been on a mission to grow and to level up within myself. I have been a nomad living around the world for the past 5 years and from each place I have found another piece of myself. I have done everything from owning a fitness studio in California to training clients and hosting workshops all over the world to  healing and helping women connect to their divine femininity. 
Through my journey of doing all of this alone and struggling to find like minded women, I birthed the High Vibe Sisterhood and I am so excited to be able to share and create this space for us to grow and be together. 
I am ecstatic to see the connection and growth that we each have as we go through this journey together. I hope to turn our online community into in person workshops and retreats around the world.

TIFFANY LEAH IS A fitness/wellness expert with 15 years of experience in health and mindset coaching

Meet your hostess!