Who is Tiffany?

Tiffany Leah Smith is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach traveling and living abroad bringing fitness, community, and discovering herself along the way at a deeper level. She is here to help women find balance in their body/ mind/ soul, to be fearless and comfortable in their own skin and live the life they desire. As well as learning to live a healthy and balanced life from anywhere! I provide all of this on my website, blog, videos, and social media.

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Tiffany got her Associates Degree in Kinesiology and her NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine) in Personal training and Group Exercise at 20 years old and then went on to personal train and work at numerous fitness studios in the Los Angeles Area. When she was 25 she opened her own fitness studio - S.E.L.F Fitness South Bay where she led H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training) classes and had a large personal training clientele. After 5 years of successfully creating and growing her thriving fitness studio, Tiffany felt called to Kauai for her next venture She sold her business to bring her passion for health and wellness to the Hawaiian islands. Now she is living part time on Kauai and California and traveling the world helping people all over the world connect their mind/body/and soul with fitness to become the best version of themselves!

Achieve goals.

Personal training

Tiffany has experience training all levels from beginner wanting low impact to athlete wanting high intensity and everything in between. She has trained women wanting to build and feel good in their skin as well as professional surfers on Kauai and Costa Rica and can customize a workout plan to fit your every need! She has experience with HIIT (high intensity interval training), Circuit Training, Barre, Pilates, TRX Training, Booty Building, and strength workouts. Whether your at home/ gym/ or traveling she can customize a plan for you! The only thing in your way is you! :)

Group Training

Tiffany has been in the fitness industry for several years teaching at local studios and providing personal training. She is the founder of Petite Physique, a popular health and fitness blog.

Heal your Soul & Empowerment Mentor + Coaching

Have you ever been called "too sensitive"? Have you suffered from trauma? Depression and Anxiety overwhelms you on the regular? Do you dream of a life where you are living the life of your dreams and you feel good from the inside / out? If you feel lost I've been there, I've felt all the above and I can help guide you to the life you want to live! Let's create the life on your vision board, the life you've dreamed of!

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Workouts/ Cooking Videos Life Videos and more! Learn/ grow/ workout from the comfort of your own home and whenever you desire!


Tiffany has been in the fitness industry for several years teaching at local studios and providing personal training.

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