ONLINE ONLY – This is not the live RESET which means this reset if for the person who wants to do this on their own time You will recieve all the downloadable e books and videos and be a part of the private facebook group but you will have the freedom to do this reset on your own time schedule and pace. Note – If you want to do it with the group live please go back and click the live link.

Tiffany Leah Smith is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach traveling and living abroad bringing fitness, community, and discovering herself along the way at a deeper level. She is here to help women find balance in their body/ mind/ soul, to be fearless and comfortable in their own skin and live the life they desire.

In the process of healing my body naturally from Hashimotos I discovered how I could feel my healthiest, get out of chronic fatigue, lose the weight which was all inflammation (so in turn lower my inflammation), clear my brain fog, ease my anxiety and depression (again caused my HIGH inflammation), and feel the healthiest I’ve felt inside and out in years. Through all of this I decided to put what helped me into a passion of helping others feel their best and make a true lifestyle change. This isn’t a fad diet, this isn’t a restrictive diet, this is an easy way to learn and do what is best for you! It takes 21 days to make a habit but you’ll see from the reviews below that it becomes more than that… it truly becomes a lifestyle change to the best version of you!  

  • Are you addicted to sugar?
  • Do you feel not fully connected to your body and hunger cues?
  • Are you sick of diets and quick fixes that leave you feeling deprived and make you want to binge as soon as they are over?
  • Do you want to take control of your health and create a full lifestyle change?
  • Do you suffer from depression and anxiety?
  • Feel constantly bloated after eating or like your body is inflamed?
  • Brain fog or even low energy?

If you answered YES to all of the above then the 21 Day RESET is for you!


After this RESET you will feel:

  • More energy
  • Less brain fog
  • A lighter overall feeling
  • Lower inflammation
  • A healthier relationship with food
  • Completely in tune with your body
  • Understanding of your hunger cues
  • You will break your addiction with sugar
  • Weight loss and eliminate the constant bloating after eating

By being a part of the 21 Day RESET you will receive:

  • 21 DAY RESET E-book
  • 21 DAY RESET Daily Journal
  • Private Access to 21 Day RESET informational videos + recipe videos
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group 21 Day RESET Community
  • 21 Days of email support from me

Get ready to feel the best version of yourself!



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